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We offer a wide range of engraved cutting boards perfect for any occasion.  Our boards are available in walnut, cherry and maple woods and come in a variety of sizes and styles.  These boards make a fine addition to any home as a functional art piece.  We personalize all boards with your custom design or you can use our stock designs.  Whatever design you choose, we will work with you to make your vision come true.  We finish all boards with food safe butcher block oil to preserve the wood and to add a deeper, richer finish to each board. 
Each cutting board is unique in grain and coloration and may not exactly match the images as shown.  
Cutting boards are 3/4 inches thick unless noted.
Shown is 10.5" x 16"  walnut with juice groove.
Wood Characteristics:
Cherry - A rich reddish-brown wood, cherry is hard, close grained and has a very smooth finish.  
Maple - Off-white cream coloration, this hardwood is an excellent material for cutting boards.
Walnut - A very deep and rich wood with chocolate brown coloration.  It is the perfect material for creating a very elegant piece being a darker wood the engraving is a bit subtle.
We ship through Canada Post (ground) and FedEx (for expedited shipping needs).

Personalized Cutting Board (with Juice Groove)

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